Lynette Sheridan

Princess Lynette was always the rebelious daughter in the Sheridan family, having far more interest in learning fencing and magic than in finding a respectable royal husband. This eventually lead to her father arranging for her to marry a prince from a neighboring (and rather damp) country. Upon learning of this Lynette escaped the castle and, with the help of a magically powerful group known as the Chor, fled to the one place she thought her father could never find her: Earth.

Having no Earth money however, and finding few landlords willing to accept rent in gold, she was forced to make a home for herself in a large cardboard box in the park. While there, specifically while showering, she met a squirrel, who fell instantly in love with her and proposed at once.

Not wanting to marry a squirrel anymore than a prince, and her box having become soggy, she began looking for another place to live. Fortunately for her she happened to meet Alison, who was looking for a roommate at the time.

In order to explain some of her odd habits and inexperience with modern apartment living Lynette told Alison a hasty cover story about coming from a rich European family. Over time her story has become slightly more detailed in that she claims to come from a rich Polish family, but "moved around a lot," explaining her lack of a Polish accent.

After having been introduced to coffee, Lynette met Tim at a party while on a caffiene-fueld superhero spree. Although she left before Tim could get her phone number, or name, they eventually met again when Lynette took a series of odd jobs at the mall. None of the jobs lasted but she and Tim have been dating ever since.

Once again in need of employment, however, she ended up taking a job as an chamber maid at a large mansion on the edge of town.

Alison Paige

Alison a sensible down-to-earth girl who moved to the city to find excitement but settled for a job in a bookstore and a run down apartment.

Eventually 'though she got fed up with her housing and decided to look for something better. She did find a better apartment, but the only way she could afford it was to get a roommate. What she ended up with was Lynette. She doesn't yet realize that her roommate is a from another world, but instead thinks she's only from another continent.

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