Spitting Wino

When Lynette went to Las Vegas the Spitting Wino became a recurring character, and a running gag.

No one knows much about the Spitting Wino, no one really wants to.

Lovesick Squirrel

While Lynette was living in the park (specifically while she was showering) she attracted the attention of this squirrel. It was love at first sight, and the squirrel proposed on the spot. But sadly she rejected him. After she left the park the squirrel didn't see her again until Tim walked her home from the mall. When Tim tried to kiss Lynette the squirrel was overcome with jealousy and attacked Tim, which ironically made Tim and Lynette even closer.

Kevin and Katherine Kuzmovich

The Kuzmovichs are Lynette and Alison's neighbors from down the hall. They came by soon after Lynette and Alison moved in to welcome them to the building, and to snoop on who the new residents were, bringing their daughter Kimberly and her hamster Skipper along with them.

Due to a misunderstanding however, they concluded that Lynette and Alison are a lesbian couple.

Kimberly Kuzmovich and Skipper

Kimberly, like her parents belives that Lynette and Alison are a lesbians.

Kimberly and Lynette developed a friendship after Halloween when Lynette saw Kimberly dressed as an Lizzie from the "Quest for the Enchanted Tiddlywinks" comic book series.

When Skipper and Kimberly first visited Lynette and Alison's apartment they both inhaled a lavendar fog Lynette had accidentally created while exorcising the microwave. Although nobody else seems to have noticed, it has some strange effects on them which seem to be triggered by sneezing.

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