Roo family.

Products of Lynette imagination, the Roos appeared in a dream she had after listening to a medly of the "Wedding March" and "Waltzing Matilda." In it she married the kangaroo and gave birth to Joanne Roo sometime later.

So far that has been their only appearance, but the characters are favorites of mine.

Ikuni, Brenda, Lizzie, Tai, Alec and Chintzy.

Inuki, Brenda, Lizzie, Tai, Alec and Chintzy are characters from the "Quest for the Enchanted Tiddlywinks" comic books. Q.E.T. is Kimberly's favorite comic book and she introduced Lynette to it after Lynette saw her wearing a Lizzie costume for Halloween.

Ikuni is a brooding fox demon on a quest to gather together the Enchanted Tiddlywinks. Brenda is a cheeky blonde-haired teen vampire who was enchanted into falling in love with Ikuni. Lizzie is a lost princess from a ruined Elf kingdom. Although they often bicker she is engaged to Prince Alec, and will marry him as soom as he is disenchanted, being presently trapped in the body of cat. Tai is a lost orphen boy Lizzie befriended and treats like an adopted son. Chintzy is a strange green cat-like creature which belches fire whenever it eats anything spicier than bread, and somehow lives in Lizzie's pocket.

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