Aaron is one of Lynette and Alison's neighbors. Alison had a crush on him for some time, but found out that he's gay. Other than that we know that he comes from a small town, and has a top secret job at a florist supply company.


Tim is Lynette's first boyfriend. They met at a party she crashed while high on caffiene but she left before he could get her phone number, or name. Later he recognized her working at the mall handing out chocolate samples. After contributing to her getting fired he offered to walk her home, and while walking through the park with her he was attacked by a jealous squirrel.

He's studying mythology and folklore in a local college, and that gives him and Lynette plenty to talk about, although he is often surprised by her knowlege of Elf culture.


The first coworker Lynette meets, little is really known about Rachel, who prefers to be called Rachelle, and that is largely intentional. She originaly hails from Winipeg but speaks with a fake French accent. How much of the rest of her is also artifice is hard to say.


Fredrick is another of Lynette's coworkers, he is energetic and prone to practacle jokes and teasing.


The third and final coworker of Lynette, Millicent, or Millie, is shy but quickly opens up to Lynette when she noticed her ears and suspects that they share an interest in body modification. She is also extremely frugal and lives in a basement room of the mansion where she works, using discarded furniture, and wearing little other than her uniform.

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