The Chor a group of elves which practice various old forms of magic, including the ability to open portals between worlds. The leaders of the Chor are called Choreil. There are several, but only the Choreil of the group which Lynette is a junior member of has appeared in the comic so far.


Lynette's father is the king of a moderately sized kingdom in the Elf world. Being king he is used to being in change, not only of the kingdom but also of his family, including when and who his daughters marry. When he felt that Lynette was taking too long finding a husband he arranged for her to marry Prince Fredlam of Geredail, causing her to run away from home.

Prince Fredlam of Geredail

Fredlam Arsmus is a prince of the country of Geredail and Lynette's arranged husband to be. Geredail is not a particularly appealing or important country and Fredlam is not a particularly appealing or important prince. Called a "whiney little runt" by Lynette, it's not known what he thinks of her.


Commissioned by a Princess Murial some four hundred years ago this gargoyle resides at a bend in a secret passage which is enchanted to open only in the presence of a distressed princess. Being almost as rude as he looks, his supposed purpose is to give princesses sage advice, however, being confined to a windowless passageway with only occaisional brief contacts with the outside world, his experience is somewhat limited.

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