Chamber Maid

Although not a particularly important character in the comic the Chamber Maid was an important character in Lynette life, having taken care of her since childhood, as well as at least two of her own children.

Practacle and old-fashioned she doesn't approve of willful princess who would rather learn archery or herbology than settle down and produce heirs.


As court magician he was in charge of Lynette's magic lessons, but didn't seem particularly concerned with losing a pupil. He was also put in charge of the fireworks for Lynette's wedding, but seems rather unconcerned with fire hazards.


Another relatively unimportant character this seemstress was featured in six comic strips in the first year, with several lines, and beaned a certain pervert with a bar of soap.


The fact that this guy ended up with the job of shower attendant demonstrates that the Peter Principle is at work in all worlds.

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